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Multimodal Dialogue Management

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MDM: Multimodal Dialogue Management

The goal of IM2.MDM is to define a framework for multimodal dialogue understanding by a computer program. The IP then aims at integrating this computational dialogue model with lower level language processing tools, in order to provide a generic set of tools for dialogue management by a computer agent. The main goal of IM2.MDM is to provide:

- a unified dialogue model for human-to-human and human-to-machine interaction,
- an efficient formalism for the rapid prototyping of multimodal dialogue models, well adapted for a distributed, real time set up,
- a computational architecture allowing an easy integration of autonomous software modules implementing the available models.

IP Heads: Prof. Susan Armstrong, University of Geneva
Major deliverables: Dialogue act recognizer
Project web page:
Publications: To see a list of publications on this site click here
Quarterly status reports:Available on the local site (password protected).

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