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IM2.IP1 (Integrated Multimodal Processing) - lay summary

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Integrated Multimodal Processing


IP Head: Prof. Aude Billard (EPFL)
Deputy IP Head: Dr. Stéphane Marchand Maillet (UniGE)
Partners: EPFL, UniGE, Idiap, UniFr
English summary

IP1 has a research component (pursuing the most promising and/or fundamental research directions initiated in IM2-II), as well as a strong integration and evaluation component. Hence, besides further pursuing some of the most promising research direction in multimodal processing in the strict context of the IM2 vision, one of the objectives of IP1 will be to extend the applications of multimodal technologies, within the human meeting and conference framework, towards more integrated systems that work in real time, with human intervention only when required. Two of the recent prototypes developed in IM2, the Automatic Content Linking Device and the Mobile Meeting Assistant appear as particularly promising starting points for system integration in IM2 Phase III.


infrastructure, databases (annotated corpora), audio processing, visual processing, audio-video processing, multimodal processing, human-computer interaction, machine learning, quality evaluation, multimedia information indexing and retrieval, multimodal processing, multimedia standardization

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