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IM2.ISD ( Integrated software and research demonstrators )

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Integrated software and research demonstrators


IP Head: Mike Flynn (IDIAP)
The goals of IM2.ISD include to:
  • Develop research demonstrators for the most important results of the project;
  • Encourage coordination between partners on these developments;
  • Attract attention from industry and the general public.

In order to accomplish these goals efficiently, and to produce the most effective demonstrators, it will be necessary to look for common software tools and methods. Ideally, the demonstrators should illustrate the collaboration between IM2 partners. Therefore, a further aim of IM2.ISD will be to:
  • Encourage adoption common software tools and techniques, enabling integration of the diverse technologies of the IM2 project into cohesive demonstrators.

This proposal therefore concerns three related types of activity:
  • The construction of a Demonstration Framework, suitable for exhibiting many IM2 technologies.
  • Individual Demonstrations, concentrating on one specific technology.
  • Integration of the individual demonstrators into an Integrated Demonstration Browser, where feasible.

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