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Newsletters 2004

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IM2 Newsletter N°21 (January 2004)
    • The second year in review
    • Spring school
    • Lectures and Papers
    • A new corpus of meetings is being recorded in the IDIAP Smart Meeting Room. Be part of it

IM2 Newsletter N°22 (February 2004)
    • Budget cuts
    • New support staff for technology transfer and public relations
    • First joint AMI PASCAL (IM)2 M4 Workshop on Machine Learning for Multimodal Interfaces

IM2 Newsletter N°23 (March 2004)
    • The (IM)2-ICSI exchange program has new opportunities

    • A new European project: MAIA
    • Inside this year's meeting of the (IM)2 International Scientific and Industrial Advisory Boards

IM2 Newsletter N° 24 (April 2004)

    • Prof. Stephen Cox on sabbatical at IDIAP.
    • IDIAP ranked first in biometric competition
    • Second announcement and CFP for the First International Workshop on Multimodal Interaction and Related Machine Learning Algorithms

IM2 Newsletter N°25 (May 2004)

    • Multimodal Spring School in Anzère
    • (IM)2.SA in Zürich,
    • US media tour Switzerland
    • The MDM team reports on scenario based meetings they recorded in the IDIAP Smart Meeting Room

IM2 Newsletter N° 26 (June 2004)

    • Bi-directional exchanges
    • The IM2 Alumni
    • A new IM2.SA sub-project
    • A new CTI project
    • The MLMI'04 Workshop in Martigny is just a few days ahead, with an expected 150 to 200 participants

IM2 Newsletter N° 27 (July- August 2004)

    • Latsis Prize in Multimodal Interaction
    • The Ark and IdeArk in the starting blocks
    • The MLMI'04 Workshop brought more than 200 participants to Martigny last June

IM2 Newsletter N° 28 (September 2004)

    • The IDIAP Fellowship for Female Researchers
    • Progress reports and outline for phase 2
    • A short report from the 2004 IM2 PhD students Integration Wee

IM2 Newsletter N° 29 (October 2004)

    • IM2 at Coling 2004 in Geneva, at the Foire du Valais, and at the Comptoir Suisse
    • Full details about the IDIAP Fellowship for Female Researcher

IM2 Newsletter N° 30 (November 2004)

    • Dr José del R. Millán named Research Leader in Robotics by Scientific American
    • Flashback on the Forum de l’IDIAP which took place during the Foire du Valais

IM2 Newsletter N° 31 (December 2004)

    • The 2004 IDIAP student awards
    • CTI VoiceInPack is over
    • Private bankers’ interest
    • A short description of the seven new Individual Projects drafted for the years 2006-2009

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