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Newsletters 2002

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IM2 Newsletter N° 00 (February 2002)
    • What is (IM)2 and who is involved.
    • (IM)2’s upcoming events.
    • The 9 IP of (IM)2 a short introduction to the 9 Individual projects of (IM)2.

IM2 Newsletter N° 01 (March 2002)
    • Status of the (IM)2 IP.

    • Program of the Kick-off meeting.

    • Details about the ICSI deal.

    • Machine Learnig at IDIAP See who is behind torch, the ML library that will be used in many (IM)2 developments.

IM2 Newsletter N° 02 (April 2002)

    • Flashback on the kick-off, Papers, visiting ICSI, technology transfer with CIMTEC.
    • Computer Vision @ UniBern Discover the Computer Vision Group at University of Bern lead by Prof. H Bunke since 1984.

IM2 Newsletter N° 03 (May 2002)

    • (IM)2 exhibits in Bern.
    • (IM)2 status update.
    • (IM)2 inauguration.
    • Speech Processing at IDIAP Learn everything about the research team of Prof. Hervé Bourlard, Director of (IM)2.

IM2 Newsletter N° 04 (June 2002)

    • The first round of White Papers is a massive success, with 13 new contributions to (IM)2.
    • The Research Group ISSCO at the University of Geneva brings Natural Language Processing (NLP) to (IM)2.

IM2 Newsletter N° 05 (July- August 2002)

    • IDIAP’s new building and new staff members.
    • (IM)2.SA mini-workshop.
    • The Computer Vision Laboratory BIWI @ ETH Zurich contributes to segmentation and tracking within (IM)2.SA

IM2 Newsletter N° 06 (September 2002)

    • IDIAP’s smart meeting room.
    • Grant from HP.
    • Visit to DFKI.
    • New computing cluster.
    • The Computer Vision and Multimedia Laboratory at Uni Geneva is involved in several projects within (IM)2.

IM2 Newsletter N° 07 (October 2002)

    • First part of an overview of the (IM)2-related projects in which (IM)2 members are involved.
    • The DIVA research group at the University of Fribourg, lead by Prof. Rolf Ingold, is dealing with multimedia engineering.

IM2 Newsletter N° 08 (November 2002)

    • The Summer Institute.
    • The SNSF Review Panel Site Visit.
    • The Signal Processing Institute at EPFL.
    • The lab of Prof. Murat Kunt, (IM)2 Deputy Director.

IM2 Newsletter N° 09 (December 2002)

    • The first year of (IM)2 in review.
    • Visit of Prof. N. Morgan.
    • IDIAP analysis of bin Laden tape.
    • The Peripheral Systems Lab at EPFL, lead by Prof. Roger D.

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